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Subscribe to PORT Magazine annually and receive each issue to your door. New subscriptions begin with PORT's current issue, if ordered before mid-January.New subscriptions taken out begin with issue 13, out 20 March No other magazine combines men's tastes in style, intelligence and culture as powerfully as PORT. PORT brings together an international group of award-winning editors, art directors, stylists and writers, along with a stellar cast of contributing editors including Jon Snow, Hanif Kureishi, Samantha Morton and Fergus Henderson. PORT is the credible and intelligent answer for men interested in every aspect of their world – style, travel, design and living, architecture, literature, entertainment and global issues – connecting the reader with genuinely engaging content. One year's subscription, four issues, £20 (Postage & Packing: +£16 per year for Europe & US; +£20 per year for the rest of the world) Note: Subscriptions start with current issue, if ordered before 30 April 2014. Please take care to ensure that you are entering the correct shipping address when purchasing a gift subscription for someone else. 

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