About Port

Harking back to the grand extended magazine interviews of the mid 60’s, the lead Port profile offers an authentic, in-depth look at the life of a contemporary icon and the forces they feel are important – issue one features a key essay by Daniel Day-Lewis. By placing celebrities, fashion and style into a cultural context, Port is a refreshing and influential title for the industries it reflects, while also appealing to a mainstream audience.

Edited and Art directed in London by Dan Crowe and Kuchar Swara, each bi-annual issue of Port will be a collector’s item in its own right. Significant, practical editorials on the major fashion collections, styled by fashion director David St. John-James will offer a comprehensive analysis for men interested in style – but without all the hyperbole and spin.

Port is distinguished for its sense of editorial confidence and its iconic art direction. As well as investigative reports from the likes of Martin Amis and ex-Time editor Don Morrison, each issue will feature a standalone section dedicated to a powerful, original short story from a leading author.

Port will mix the traditional and contemporary at their very best, creating a truly modern magazine. 

For subscription queries, please contact subscriptions@port-magazine.com