Here are some frequently asked questions about subscribing or buying single issues of Port. If your question isn't answered below, drop us an email at subscriptions@port-magazine.com

Q. I'm an overseas reader and would like to subscribe to your magazine — is this possible?

A. Yes. Our store operates through PayPal, and we are therefore able to distribute to countries that are accepted through the PayPal system. 

Q. I want to buy a subscription for someone else – who's address should I use?

Our notification / invoice system is electronic, therefore we do not send out paper bills to our shipping/billing addressees. In the case of gift subscriptions, please ensure the address that you list is the recipient address, if you are ordering on behalf of someone else. 

Q. I've subscribed to Port — when will I receive my first issue?

A. It depends on when you've placed your order! We publish twice a year. Your subscription begins with current issue e.g. A two-year subscription will include four issues.

Q. I've placed my order, but at the end, it tells me "Shipping rate problem — this order's total weight is 0.0 kg and the shipping address is in New Jersey, United States". Why can't I order from the States?

A. You can — it may be a problem ordering multiple issues. Email subscriptions@port-magazine.com to discuss processing your order.

Q. Can I pay over the phone? I don't have PayPal.

A. At present, we are unable to take orders over the telephone, although it is a service we will be looking into in the future.

Q. My subscription is late / hasn't arrived, what should I do?

A. If you've checked the subscription schedule and think that your order is lost, please contact  subscriptions@port-magazine.com

Q.  I need to change my address, but I'm mid-subscription. Who should I speak to?

A. Please contact our subscription agent at the following address: subscriptions@port-magazine.com

In your email, include your full name, old address, the address you are moving to as well as your order number (which can be found on your confirmation email).