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Our second biannual issue, PORT 17, is out now and features one of Hollywood's most engimatic actors on the cover, Benicio del Toro, shot by leading fashion photographer Cedric Buchet.

The new issue is packed with 240 pages of beautiful and intelligent content, including an exclusive photo essay and feature on the stars behind Crystal Moselle's fascinating documentary, The Wolfpack, our pick of the Autumn/Winter collections, a colourful account of life in the Mississippi Delta by British travel writer Richard Grant and, of course, an intimate meeting with our cover star.

Shot in New York by Buchet, Benicio del Torro talks to PORT about his classic roles in The Usual Suspects and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, his widespread literary and artistic influences, while revealing some little-known stories about his life and home.

In the feature section: Cecil Balmond OBE pays tribute to the Sri Lankan architect, Geoffrey Bawa and his modernist masterpiece, the Heritance Kandalama hotel; Alyn Griffiths meets octogenarian and titan of Italian design, Alesandro Mendini; Graham Robb discovers Victor Hugo's eccentric house is just as he left it in Guernsey; and author Hanif Kureishi lists his likes and dislikes.

Also in the issue:

  • Commentary: deep web expert Brian Patrick Eha gives a potted history of Bitcoin and of Ross Ulbricht, creator of the online black market Silk Road; seasoned war reporter Janine di Giovanni discusses how ISIS has changed the rules of battlefield journalism; and we chart the origins of the blues with an extract from Peter Guralnick's Searching for Robert Johnson.
  • Fashion: David St. John-James gains exclusive access to the archive of high-tech innovators Stone IslandDavid Hellqvist pays a visit to the museum of Swiss shoemaker Bally; and we present our selection of the best of the Autumn Winter collections.

  • The Porter: Kerry Crowe speaks to provocative actor and  controversial playwright Steven BerkoffOllie Dabbous reveals what foods famous chefs refuse to eat; and Ray Murphy delves into the story behind one of London's oldest family-run cafes, E Pellicci.

  • Design: Joakim Blockstrom shoots still lives of chairs and we present a tropical selection of watches, with words by Alex Doak

PORT issue 17, out now!